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“Madzuchai“ (The Valley of Singing Stones) (Sights)

The project “Madzuchai“ (The Valley of Singing Stones) being implemented next to Palanga resort town attempts to develop a unique attraction facility for local and inbound tourism. The concept of “Madzuchai“ is based on the philosophy of harmony between cultural, spiritual and physical state of a human being uniting a number of world cultures.

In order to implement this idea, a model of leisure and entertainment has been devised, embracing the archaic heritage of the Balts and the Japanese, progressive ecological technologies to create a long term value. “Madzuchai“ is a new aesthetics and quality of leisure, rest, health and culture, allowing exceeding any primary expectations. This is an innovative project of high competitiveness and development which would be difficult to copy or plagiarise.
Tel:+370 616 18530
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