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Villas (Sights)

Due to unique landscape and comfort conditions of recreation created in the 19th century and its popularity, the Curonian Spit was associated with the French Riviera.

The resort began to be formed during 1860 - 1865. In Juodkrante, a block of villas formed between the pier and cemetery. Two big hotels and a lot of private villas and guesthouses were here. Villa „Monbijou“ (currently – Juodkrante’s monitory), the history of which after the World War II was interpreted as „Gering villa“, survived until our times.

The main flow of the holidaymakers accommodated in “Kurische hof” and “Sturmhoefel” hotels (that became “Hotel May“ after the owners had changed). The first name of “Sturmhoefel” Villa is “Flora”. Presently, this name is owned by the hotel with a cafe, which was equipped in the household building of the villa reconstructed several years ago. With the help of a private initiative, the actual “Flora” Villa was raised for a new life as well. It is as graceful as it looked for the past several centuries.

Architecture of the building reflects the most characteristic tendencies of resort construction of the second half of XIX century. Prepared according to the book of Nijole Strakauskaite „The Curonian Spit – European Postal Road“ and the article of A. Pilaitiene in 15.07.2002 „Lietuvos rytas“ No. 28 (340)
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