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Švendubrė (Sights)

Švendubrė is one of the villages in the forests around Druskininkai, situated in Raigardas valley 5 km from the resort.

The village was first mentioned in historical documents in 1620. It is an old, one-street village declared an architectural monument. Especially interesting are the homesteads of the Dzūkai ethnic group, with their distinctive fenced courtyards.

Some 20 square kilometres of meadows surround the village, etched by creeks and streamlets. Where Nemunykštis Creek falls into the Nemunas River, there is a mound with abrupt slopes called Black Hill. It could have been a defensive spot, but today provides a wonderful view of the Nemunas, Raigardas valley, and in the distance, Užubalio hill. North of the village there is a large boulder, the Švendubrė stone, a geological monument that is the source of many lege
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Modestas Šidlauskas, Klaipėda, Lithuania
Gražus, didelis riedulys :) 10 pagal dydį Lietuvoje, bet turėtu būti 8 ar 9, nes radau klaidų ,,Didžiausi Lietuvos rieduliai" sąraše :) Šiaip kas mėgstate juos būtinai aplankykite, patarčiau dviračiu, nes dviratininkai mažiau šiukšlina ;)
Visited:2019/06/01 - 00/00
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