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Palanga & Sventoji
Palanga  is the biggest and most universal seaside resort of Lithuania (population 17600).

The Lithuanian seacoast is famous for its beaches of beautiful white sand and dunes, which can be found nowhere else on the Baltic Sea coast. Originally a fishermen’s village, Palanga was first mentioned in the written sources in the 12th century. The inhabitants were engaged not only in fishery, they also gathered amber which would reach the distant countries of Europe and Asia via the merchants’ routes.

In the 19th century, Palanga started developing into a health resort, which was a great merit of the dynasty of the Count Tiškevičius (Tyszkiewicz), who moved to the town at that time.  A park was laid out, a new palace was built, a port was equipped, a natural therapy centre was launched, a new church was constructed, and the sea pier was built then.

During the press prohibition period, the route of book spreaders was crossing Palanga.

The first national play in Lithuania, “Amerika pirtyje” (America in the Bath) by A. Keturakis, was staged in this resort in 1899.

Over recent years, a great number of new hotels and guesthouses of various levels have been opened in the resort. Palanga also boasts several high-standard sanatoriums that provide treatment for the vestibular mechanism, nervous system as well as cardio-vascular disorders. Resting can be combined with heath improving here.

The resort boasts a large variety of pubs, cafes, restaurants, discotheques, bars, night clubs, and casinos.

Those who enjoy active holiday are offered pedal boats, bicycles, horse-riding, tennis courts, pools, a complex of baths, etc. A number of trails are intended for cycling or hiking.

The Palanga Regional Park, stretching somewhat southward in the direction of Klaipėda, attracts visitors by impressive scenes of wild and severe nature.

One of the most beautiful places in Palanga is the Tiškevičius Palace surrounded by a large park that was laid out by E. Andre. Presently, this building houses the Amber Museum, which holds a great variety of amber pieces and the collection of inclusions, the biggest in the world. Amber is the symbol of Lithuania. In August evenings, concerts and poetry readings are hosted in the terrace of the palace.

Palanga offers a big choice of cultural entertainments during the holiday season. The resort is home to a very interesting museum of Antanas Mončys, the Lithuanian artist who created in Paris. Its small exposition shows expressive works of big artistic power. The Savickas Gallery often hosts memorable exhibitions of modern artists. One can see the views of old Palanga in the Local Lore Museum of the town.

Palanga is the resort submerged in the shadows of trees, which is fascinating at any season of the year. During a colder period, it is an ideal place to hold conferences and seminars.