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Amber mining
Since ancient times the amber was gathered along the beaches and sandbanks, where it had been thrown by the sea. The history of amber mines on the Baltic comprises several thousands years. 

The free gathering of amber had continued till the XIII century, when the Teutonic Order promulgated the amber to be its own monopoly. The one, who dared to break this law was subjected to cruel punishment by the decision of special «amber court». Beginning from the XVI century in addition to the collecting amber on the beaches, the new method of obtaining amber – catching was widely spread. The hunters, equipped with the big nets on six-eight meter sticks, were coming into the water or going to sea by boats; and catching the seaweed with the amber, stuck in it.

A little bit later, the people started to obtain the amber directly from the bottom of the sea with the help of different instruments: gaffs, pincers and scrapers. It was usually done from the boat and in a calm weather.